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As noted in a 2015 report prepared by Jobs for the Future for JPMorgan Chase’s New Skills at Work initiative, growth in some segments of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) labor market remains strong, with 42,000 middle-skill job openings projected every year through 2018. These jobs are projected to pay an average of $24.27 per hour, which is 35% higher than the local “living wage.” And yet ...MORE



CSW is seeking a Research Associate to join our team and provide labor market and workforce development program related research support across a number of projects, including work in Detroit and for the national Workforce Benchmarking Network. Read the full position description and apply here! ...MORE
New blog released! Written by CSW's Larry Good and Holly Zanville from the Lumina Foundation. The blog, 'Four Lessons Learned from the National Connecting Credentials Campaign' is a reflection on the five years of work so far in the Connecting Credentials project managed by CSW. Click here to read more and visit the Facebook page to listen to a Q+A with Larry and Holly about the work. ...MORE
The University of Michigan recently unveiled a dramatic new proposition: any in-state student accepted to work on their first undergraduate degree who comes from a family making $65,000/year or less will be guaranteed free tuition for four years of study. This means that students from families making up to roughly the median income in Michigan will be eligible. This commitment is significant on mu ...MORE
Delegates from the Trans-Atlantic Technology and Training Alliance (TA3) convened in Dordrecht, Holland for the network’s annual symposium with the theme: Crafting new learning environments; Be an entrepreneur of your own future! Hosted by Da Vinci and Markiezaat Colleges, delegates and speakers were treated to a fantastic mix of robust learning and cultural exchange, sightseeing opportunities a ...MORE