Over 100 national workforce development experts from 90 organizations were asked to recommend nonprofits in the field. CSW ranked among the nation’s top 15 nonprofits in workforce development in 2013.
The Importance of Enthusiastic Engagement
By Holly Parker. Involving faculty in college transformation is critical to student success. Here’s how to do it well – no matter where you are in the change process. Faculty care deeply about student success. College faculty are on the “front lines” of efforts to help students gain credentials that are valued by employers. Perhaps no one, other than students themselves, cares more ab
Promoting Sustainable Work Practices
By Nina Babich. Lowe's and Home Depot in Kansas City each recently told their workers that full time jobs would now be half time. Managers were even reduced to half-time; two people will now be used to fill one manager position instead. The reason? The employers don't want to have to provide health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Heaven forbid stock holders should realize lower returns
Innovation in Action – Tackling Long-Term Unemployment
In a conference room in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 30 CSW staff and board members – armed with little more than knowledge, coffee, and Mr. Sketch markers – took on the task of solving America’s long-term unemployment crisis. We came up with some great ideas we’re looking to explore and prototype in the coming months: Encore internships New methods for documenting worker skills Better
Long-Term Unemployment is Still a Vexing Problem
By Larry Good. On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its regular monthly unemployment report. Its headline that national unemployment fell to 7.6% in March masks a troublesome trend: the decline was caused mostly by a reduction in workforce participation (the number of people either working or looking for work). The participation rate fell to 63.3%, the lowest since 1979. Nearly a