NOVEMBER 14, 2016

Corporation for a Skilled Workforce has long led efforts at the nexus of work and learning. This lens represents our comprehensive approach in supporting workforce development strategies that position individuals for sustainable careers that lead to economic security. One of the key strategies within work-based learning (WBL) is the use of registered apprenticeships. Historically, registered apprenticeships have been limited to sectors like construction or manufacturing, but there is now a significant push around the country to use registered apprenticeships for job seekers with varying skill sets and in myriad industries, including healthcare, IT, and retail. Significant federal dollars have been allocated to support new registered apprenticeship programs, with at least $90 million committed to national efforts by the Obama administration in 2016 alone.

“Apprenticeships are experiencing a modern renaissance in America because the earn-while-learn model is a win-win proposition for workers looking to punch their ticket to the middle-class and for employers looking to grow and thrive in our modern global economy.” — U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez

As part of this national movement, CSW is working with partners from around the country to create and sustain registered apprenticeship programs that effectively use both new and existing public dollars. This work is anchored in a demand-driven approach that recognizes the central role that employers play to make registered apprenticeship programs possible. For example, in partnership with the National Governors Association, CSW is providing technical assistance to 46 American Apprenticeship Initiative grantees which will lead to the training and hiring of over 30,000 registered apprentices in the next five years. This work will focus on support for employers, community colleges, workforce agencies and other key stakeholders.

To further support this work, and in honor of National Apprenticeship Week, CSW has a resource called ‘What We Know About Apprenticeships’ that can help mitigate barriers to successful registered apprenticeship programs, including support for five key components that are necessary for any local strategy:

  1. Employer Engagement – this is a primary and critical component necessary before any registered apprenticeship program can be developed.
  2. Development of Curriculum and RTI – this work focuses on the specific learning objectives, knowledge development, and skill growth necessary for individuals to be successful apprentices.
  3. Outreach & Recruitment – this component focuses on the key roles that community partners play as well as strategic positioning of employers to recruit apprentices that are right for the job.
  4. Funding – Using both new and existing funding sources is an important part of developing and sustaining registered apprenticeship programs.
  5. Formal Registration – ensuring that apprenticeship programs are formally registered with the U.S. Department of Labor helps open up doors to additional funding and guarantees that both the employer and individual can succeed within these opportunities.

We invite you to join us in celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and to engage CSW as a partner in your work-based learning efforts as well. Growing registered apprenticeship programs, and other WBL programs, is a priority for CSW and will help all of us create a more highly trained, malleable, and invested national workforce.

Want to get involved and learn more?

  • Event tomorrow! Sign up to watch the live webcast of The Second Annual Transatlantic Apprenticeship Exchange Forum, ‘Delivering Employer-Driven Apprenticeships’ here. Hosted by the Urban Institute, New Work Training, and the American Institute for Innovative Apprenticeship, the event takes places from 1:00-5:00 pm ET and includes speakers from the U.S. and U.K.
  • To learn more about National Apprenticeship Week, attend events in your area and download key resources, visit the website.
  • Join the discussion twitter buy using hashtag #NAW2016 or #apprenticeshipworks.
  • Hosting an apprenticeship event? Click here for sample agendas, blog posts and social media guidance.


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