You are invited to participate in the Workforce Benchmarking Network!

The Workforce Benchmarking Network provides tools for workforce development programs to evaluate and improve their results. Its web-based survey and confidential reports allow organizations to compare their job placement and retention outcomes with those of similar programs. The data collected is creating meaningful outcome benchmarks for the workforce development field so that practitioners, funders, and policymakers can be better informed about what constitutes “good” performance when working with diverse populations and service delivery strategies.

What does your organization gain by participating in the Workforce Benchmarking Network?

  • Confidential, customized reports on how your program results compare to programs nationally that share a variety of similar characteristics
  • Access to a national online learning community around effective practices
  • Opportunity to contribute to one of the largest national datasets on workforce development programs implemented by nonprofits/community-based organizations

How Can Your Organization Participate?

The best way to get involved is to submit your organization’s data this year, and receive your confidential and customized report in the spring. Participating in data collection and receiving your report is free, but data collection closes on September 30th. To get started, indicate your current interest level in participating or register your program for this round by clicking here. We need your confirmation of participation to share a personalized link with you which you will use to complete the data collection process.

Here are some materials about the data collection process to help prepare you to submit your data:

The data collection process will close on September 30, 2014, so register today!

To learn more about the Workforce Benchmarking Network, visit The most recent report, Apples to Apples: Making Data Work for Community-Based Workforce Development Programs, presents themes from analysis of data from over 200 organizations and offers meaningful comparison groups for programs with different characteristics.

If you have questions, please contact Marty Miles at (317) 299-6884 or

The Workforce Benchmarking Network was formerly the Benchmarking Project at Public/Private Ventures.


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