JANUARY 16, 2014

Being located in southeastern Michigan, CSW has a keen interest in the crises that have befallen the City of Detroit. Through support from multiple foundations, CSW had been involved in a total re-examination of the workforce system in Detroit. Building on its history of eight years of support to Governor Granholm’s Administration on workforce issues, CSW moved to helping grassroots organizations create a new vision for assisting the low skilled, low income populations within the city. This work has included extensive facilitation initially culminating in the creation of the Detroit Jobs Alliance.

Today, we’re managing the Detroit Jobs Alliance (DJA) to help members grow a coalition of public, private and nonprofit organizations working in partnership to support pathways to employment and careers for all Detroiters. The DJA creates a forum to better connect existing job creation and skill development efforts, align public- and private-sector resources, foster innovation and advocate for more supportive and flexible policies and funding.

The Detroit Regional Workforce fund champions and finances the DJA. The Detroit Regional Workforce fund is operated by The United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

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