JANUARY 28, 2014

In 2012 and 2013, CSW facilitated the development of a joint strategic plan for the Detroit Workforce Development Board (the city WIB) and the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (the city’s WIA service provider). The City of Detroit has undergone many functional and organizational changes in the past 18 months, most notably creation of the nonprofit Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation to manage WIA funding and services (as well as providing WIB support), replacing a city agency that ran the WIA program. This was a major step in stabilizing workforce development within the city. The plan was developed during a joint retreat of the workforce board and the corporate board of DESC. It resulted in a clear articulation of three major areas of focus, goals and strategies in each, as well as a similar articulation of the key operational improvements needed to achieve the strategy goals. The resulting plan is framed within a PowerPoint format for ease of reading and modifying.

Since adoption of the plan, CSW has provided with WIB and DESC with continuing strategic support, including working with each of the WIB’s committees on carrying out their parts of the overall strategy.

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