JANUARY 16, 2014

From 2007 to 2013, CSW worked with an evolving Workforce Investment Board and restructured workforce agency on a range of strategic fronts.

The initial phase of this work centered on redesigning the city’s approach to one-stop centers and service delivery, contracting and funding. That work resulted in a redesign that serves as the basis for service delivery strategies to date.

During 2011, CSW planned and facilitated a series of strategic planning meetings with Workforce Investment San Francisco (the local WIB), resulting in a reframed strategic plan adopted by the board.

In 2013, CSW has been assisting with implementation of a US Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund (WIF) grant focused on doing a range of R&D experiments aimed at reframing local workforce policy and investments to align with emerging “new economy” patterns as represented by the rapidly growing IT industry in San Francisco and its region. Our work in the WIF grant includes facilitating a series of meetings of a Workforce Innovation Network comprised of leaders from 4 workforce boards within the region.

Our work also entailed working with the local public water utility to examine its workforce investments and policies. The innovation and strategy work in San Francisco reflected a commitment by the Mayor and key departments to more purposely align their investments in support of common goals, working together under the broad umbrella of SF’s workforce board.

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