JANUARY 16, 2014

America’s social safety net is a complex network of programs, benefits, goods and services that address almost every aspect of human need. Health care, nutritional assistance, cash assistance, housing, and childcare are just a few of the categories of programs and initiatives meant to serve the poor and near-poor. The federal government funds these programs in excess of $750 billion dollars per year. When state and local governments and private philanthropy are added to the mix, Americans expend more than $1 trillion annually – not including volunteer hours – to address the health and welfare of physically, socially and economically challenged members of society. Despite these expenditures of resources and effort, millions of Americans remain in poverty and fail to reach their full potential. That loss affects us all on both a human and economic level.

CSW has engaged in multiple projects at the federal and state levels over the years designed to impact the fundamental issue of poverty and human capacity development. Our work has included:

  • Researching and shaping development of a 21st Century Model to Address Poverty, the theoretical backbone of a new Human Services System in the District of Columbia.
  • Working closely with clients and their stakeholders in designing a theory of change model that articulated the vision and the supporting infrastructure changes needed to implement the vision.
  • Supporting the design of a case management system that had the capacity to address the broader needs of a multi-program human services delivery system.
  • Supporting clients in structuring governance models to include framing initial and ongoing engagement with initial and future partners.
  • Assessing community capacity and bringing community voice and power to system transformation.
  • Researching leading edge practices and helping to design waiver requests.
  • Interfacing the human services and workforce development systems.
  • Facilitating frontline buy-in and ownership by agency and service delivery staff.
  • Providing strategic advice to the leadership on the process and implementation of multiple components in transformation plans.
  • Coordinating development of aggregate timelines and workplans for project partners.

Drawing upon a deep understanding of workforce development, education, economic development, and human services systems, CSW seeks clients who share a similar interest in aligning systems to maximize human potential. Contact Ed Strong at with inquiries.


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