APRIL 6, 2012

Since 2007, governors in the Midwest have been working together to position their region to be a global leader in the new energy economy through their work with the Midwest Governors Association (MGA).

CSW worked with the MGA to develop a New Energy Economy Jobs Platform, released in 2009. This platform created goals for job creation and retention related to energy efficiency, renewable electricity, bio-based products and transportation, and advanced coal with carbon capture and storage. CSW also worked with the MGA and an investment workgroup to identify a set of unique but interrelated strategies to help drive investment in new energy related commercial technologies, firms, and infrastructure in the Midwest. The advisory group released these recommendations in February of 2011.

As part of the 2011 Chair’s Agenda on Advancing the Midwest’s New Energy Economy Through Investment, Innovation, and International Trade, the MGA published a series of success stories about companies in the region who are increasing their competitive edge by managing their energy consumption. This series, which focused on Midwestern leaders from the manufacturing, utility, and government sectors, highlights successful Midwestern practices, polices, and products. As part of this initiative, CSW has been leading the effort to highlight the region’s manufacturing supply chain and workforce related to industrial energy efficiency, including the development of two brief reports that complement the release of this working paper.

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