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Jeannine is responsible for helping CSW advance its mission of catalyzing transformative change in education, economic, and workforce development through research and action.  She has spent the last 15 years researching and promoting innovative economic, education, and social policies and practices that help people successfully engage in sustainable work and lifelong learning.

Jeannine has led the development of policy and program innovation work focused on helping reshape postsecondary education to make it more accessible for non-traditional students and adult workers. She has also helped grow CSW’s portfolio of state, regional, and local talent innovation initiatives within the State of Michigan as well as in other states around the country. Through these efforts she has facilitated the advancement of industry sector strategies and partnerships nationally, including a mix of state-level policy and program development work and regional network building.

Jeannine also brings strong subject matter expertise and diverse relationships across the energy, economic, and workforce development fields in the Midwest.  More recently Jeannine has been working with states and communities on the development of policies and programs that help increase the number of jobs and skilled workers in the areas of renewable energy production, energy efficiency and building upgrades, lean and green manufacturing, and agriculture and natural resource management.

She served as the project director for CSW’s work with the Midwestern Governors Association to develop a New Energy Economy Jobs Platform and currently is leading some related work on the development of the industrial energy efficiency manufacturing supply chain and workforce in the region. She has written a number of reports about the clean energy economy and has recently co-authored a paper on community-based job creation in the areas of local food, building deconstruction, and energy efficiency.

Jeannine also serves as an advisor to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) on their administration of the Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN) and is a member of the Board of Directors for Creative Change Educational Solutions, a non-profit organization focused on sustainability education.

Prior to joining CSW, Jeannine did consulting work with a number of departments and programs at the University of Michigan, as well as developed innovative training and distance learning programs for the chemical, petrochemical, and automotive industries. She has a Bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology and communications and a Master’s degree in higher education policy from the University of Michigan.

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