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Jeannine serves as a Senior Fellow to advance CSW’s mission of catalyzing transformative change in education, economic, and workforce development through research and action. She has spent the last 20 years researching and promoting innovative economic, education, and social policies and practices that help people successfully engage in sustainable work and lifelong learning.

Jeannine has led a range of client engagements with public agencies, foundations, and industry associations. These projects have focused on reshaping postsecondary education to make it more accessible for non-traditional students as well as reinventing employment policies, systems, and practices that create more equitable outcomes for low-income workers and communities.

Her experience also includes developing industry sector partnerships with business and education leaders and forming learning networks to strengthen communities of practice. She has deep subject matter expertise in program design, implementation and evaluation as well as policy research and analysis. Her industry expertise is broad and includes work with the retail, health care, manufacturing, and energy.

Jeannine has led the research and evaluation of different workforce development policies and programs within the state of Michigan, currently with a focus in Detroit, as well as in other states and communities around the country. This includes working with clients and partners on labor market and program data collection, stakeholder engagement, partnership building, and service delivery system and program review that help communities address critical employment and educational attainment issues.

Prior to becoming a senior fellow in 2018, Jeannine served as President and CEO of CSW from 2006 to 2017. Before joining CSW, she developed innovative work-based learning programs for private sector and did consulting work with departments and programs at the University of Michigan.
Jeannine has a B.A. in organizational psychology and communications and a MA in Higher Education Policy from the University of Michigan. She has also authored numerous reports on effective policies, programs, and practice in workforce development and postsecondary education.

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