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Steve is currently a Consulting Associate at CSW and is the founding director of the Michigan Center for Career Pathways at CSW. The Center provides an organized mechanism to support grassroots efforts that develop comprehensive and sophisticated career pathways for Michigan’s workforce. The Center partners with multi-discipline and multi-constituent groups, including K-12, community colleges, workforce development boards, economic developers, state agencies, and more. Steve also conducts research on disconnected youth in order to develop tools and strategies that will enable youth to re-enter the workforce through education- and employment-based pathways.

Steve comes to CSW after spending 7 years as chief program/operating officer, among other positions, at the Prima Civitas Foundation in East Lansing, Michigan, where he helped build the startup organization founded by Michigan State University. Prior to that, he spent 5 years in numerous positions at Lansing Community College, with his final two years providing support to the college president. He was a key player in the implementation and demonstration of the round one federal WIRED grant for Mid-Michigan, a $15 million, four-year workforce development initiative recognized as a national exemplar. He also served as the designated project manager for the federal M-PaTH initiative, a $2 million, three-year project that trained over 400 dislocated workers for careers in the healthcare sector.

Steve completed his undergraduate studies in social science at Central Michigan University. He is currently a graduate student at Michigan State University, completing his MA in higher education administration. This year, he will submit his application for the PhD program at MSU in the same program.

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Why Career Pathways Actually Matter


The term "career pathways" is not new. If you ask anyone who has been around the world of workforce development for any length of time, the concept has been part of the lexicon for several decades. But there is renewed interest in the term over the last few years. And with this interest comes a refreshed definition that can alter the way individuals work in the decades to come.