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Susan supports CSW’s community college transformation work with a focus on credentialing and system change initiatives. Her expertise in design, organizational development, change management, and product and process development, brings a unique set of skills, tools, techniques and models to CSW projects. She uses these to help build practical and sustainable transformation strategies resulting in targeted action. Susan is deeply interested in design principles as a driving force for change, how people and organizations learn, and how knowledge is generated, used, and managed.

Susan’s career spans education, manufacturing, and the arts. Before coming to CSW, Susan spent 25 years in the community college system in a variety of roles, including Director of Workforce Development, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, and as Vice President of Planning and Information Management at Schoolcraft College. Prior to Schoolcraft, Susan managed collaborative initiatives at the Industrial Technology Institute. Susan provided consulting services for Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Hughes Training, and the Inter-Cooperative Counsel. She’s taught in a variety of venues from middle school to college.

Susan holds two degrees from Eastern Michigan University and is certified by DePaul University as an organizational development specialist. She has completed doctoral coursework in knowledge management.

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