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While employed at CSW Tammy developed and implemented several of CSW’s key models and methodologies for using labor market information to understand workforce dynamics, and as a consultant she continues to apply these to her research, writing and facilitation work. She has authored over a dozen industry and community analysis reports across the country, most recently including a report on manufacturing in the city of San Francisco. Tammy has a deep understanding of sector and cluster strategies through her work with the Accelerating State Adoption of Sector Strategies project conducted in partnership with the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the National Network of Sector Partners. She has also been deeply involved in CSW’s Detroit work funded by J.P. Morgan Chase. She was the primary researcher and author for the “Detroit’s Untapped Talent: Jobs and On-Ramps Needed” report and has provided data and analysis to the Detroit Mayor’s office and other City of Detroit stakeholders.

Tammy studied at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Windsor and has also received training in facilitation and social marketing.

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Toxic Data


By Tammy Coxen. This article refers more to data in the IT context, but some of the lessons (like that looking at data in too-small chunks leads to bad decision-making) is relevant to how we think