JANUARY 18, 2014
Think Before You Print! Little Things That Matter

By Debbie Charlton.

At CSW, we’re committed to helping others embrace sustainable economic, social, and environmental vitality as the foundation for a thriving future. Sustainability is something we don’t just talk about with our partners and clients. It is something we do everyday.

At our headquarters in Ann Arbor, we have a team dedicated to looking at our office practices to find ways to maximize our energy efficiency and reduce waste. We’ve implemented several practices to reduce our environmental impact. Here are a few we like:

  • Dedicated recycle bins
  • Recycled paper and toner for our printers
  • Motion-activated timers on our lights
  • Energy-efficient office machines
  • Smart travel options for getting to meetings
  • Educating staff on sustainable practices, like not printing unnecessary documents

Our office sustainability team is always looking for new practices and smart ways to measure our impact and savings. If you have ideas on how our office could be more sustainable, please share them with us!

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