Corporation for a Skilled Workforce is a nonprofit that catalyzes nationwide transformative change across workforce, education, economic, and community development through research and action. CSW’s work centers on increasing economic opportunity and sustainable prosperity for vulnerable people, companies, and communities. Major CSW current initiatives center on improving credentialing policy and practice, helping communities develop and implement workforce skill building and employment strategies, advancing workforce development within industry sectors, and strengthening community organizations through leadership development and data analysis.

We aim to increase the attainment of market relevant credentials in order to connect more learners, especially in vulnerable populations, to family-sustaining careers. We help colleges institute policies and practices that increase credential attainment and good employment options for their students. We also contribute to large scale, nationwide adoption of a shared competency-based credentialing agenda while simultaneously helping local, state or national partners test and apply effective competency-based credentialing approaches.

We seek to significantly increase the competitiveness of companies and advance sustainable prosperity in communities through effective partnerships. We focus on policies and practices that support skill development and employment progression by bringing together business and community stakeholders.