Our Business and Community Innovation team seeks to significantly increase the competitiveness of companies and advance sustainable prosperity in communities through effective partnerships. We focus on policies and practices that support skill development and employment progression by bringing together business and community stakeholders.

Sector Strategies & Career Pathways Integration

We work to advance skill development and employment progression by further deepening and amplifying the integration of sector strategies and career pathway development and deployment. Specifically, we facilitate the creation and sustainability of industry sector partnerships to address skills gaps and longer term talent development needs in service of robust and transparent career pathways for workers and students.

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Sustainable Communities

We partner with local employers, nonprofit, workforce, and education leaders and promote collaborative solutions so that all residents have access to economic opportunities and have a chance to build a sustainable livelihood.

We do this through supporting the convening of community based alliances and partnerships for jobs and skills, advising funders and key agencies interested in community reinvention, and through use of data to drive collective impact.

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