CSW is offering a new set of sector academies to prepare community colleges to work effectively with local employers so that their students get the right skills for good jobs in their communities. Many community colleges struggle to engage employers effectively. Colleges often convene employer advisory committees or conduct one-on-one outreach to businesses. Some community colleges have not yet
CSW provides substantial technical assistance and coaching to the six grantees awarded funds under the Green Jobs Innovation Fund (GJIF) administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Division of Strategic Initiatives (DSI) and the Office of Apprenticeship (OA). GJIF emphasizes industry-recognized credential attainment, employment in green jobs, and linkages between Registered Apprenticeship and pr
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JANUARY 16, 2014

CSW is evaluating the degree to which exposure to Northern Initiatives' technical assistance increases survival growth rates of businesses being served by NI. CSW also evaluates what other supports NI borrowers are using, and the value of these resources and networks on business success.
CSW helps partners communicate a clear, compelling story about the extent to which their projects achieved an economic benefit from a triple bottom line perspective. We document the larger impact of community programs beyond standard reporting outcomes in a way that captures relevant economic, social, and environmental community, regional, and state impacts. In our approach we review program perf