Guaranteeing Free Tuition: A Game-Changer from University of Michigan

The University of Michigan recently unveiled a dramatic new proposition: any in-state student accepted to work on their first undergraduate degree who comes from a family making $65,000/year or less will be guaranteed free tuition for four years of study.

TA3 Delegates Convene in the Netherlands for 27th International Symposium!

Delegates from the Trans-Atlantic Technology and Training Alliance (TA3) convened in Dordrecht, Holland for the network’s annual symposium with the theme: Crafting new learning environments; Be an entrepreneur of your own future! Hosted by Da Vinci and

  • Corporation for a Skilled Workforce is a national nonprofit that partners with government, business, and community leaders to support the creation of good jobs and the highly skilled workers to fill them. We help communities innovate so that they can compete. We help businesses cultivate talent so that they can grow. And we help people learn so that they can find good jobs—or create their own.

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For more than 20 years, we have been an effective catalyst for change. We identify opportunities for innovation in work and learning and provoke transformation in policy and practice. We have worked with dozens of workforce investment boards, state workforce agencies, community-based organizations, and colleges to create lasting impact through their collaborative activities.