MARCH 23, 2016

The recent national focus on workers’ economic mobility and tangible career prospects is as vivid for Detroiters as it is for the rest of the nation. CSW’s newest Detroit focused report, the second of a two part series, is the culmination of a research effort to create a workforce system “map” which would inform a comprehensive and data-driven understanding of Detroit’s workforce development assets, opportunities, and challenges. The second report, a compliment to the first in the series, is Detroit’s Untapped Talent: Partnerships and Pathways for Success.

Developed as part of JPMorgan Chase’s $100 million commitment to the city’s economic recovery, the report is intended to help focus and align different workforce development efforts and investments, including those made by Mayor Duggan’s Detroit Workforce Development Board. The new report, Detroit’s Untapped Talent: Partnerships and Pathways to Success, looks at the mix of funding and investments, the range of organizations providing workforce development services and programs, and partnerships as a system. In doing so, it investigates how all of the parts—talent supply, talent demand, and the system that supports both—work together in the interest of Detroit’s job seekers and employers. The first report of the two part series, Detroit’s Untapped Talent: Jobs and On-Ramps Needed, can be downloaded here.

To download the original working paper containing all the research results, click here. The research was originally laid out in a working paper for the Mayor’s Workforce Development Advisory Council, which was charged with reviewing the findings, and recommending specific workforce system priorities. The Council’s recommendations then became a key input to the Mayor’s workforce strategy for the city, while the research findings are summarized in Detroit’s Untapped Talent reports Part I and Part II.

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