OCTOBER 17, 2013

There is growing interest in the use of competency-based credentials to verify that an individual has the skills and knowledge to perform on the job. Unfortunately, the current “market” for these credentials is neither fully formed nor functional.

CSW has embarked on a multi-year initiative to increase the quality and use of competency-based credentials across the country. We are collaborating with leaders committed to realizing the potentially game-changing result of large-scale use of competency-based credentials by businesses, educators, workers, and students across the nation.

Our new report, Making a Market for Competency-Based Credentials, is aimed at articulating a foundation for our collective work by analyzing the credentialing landscape, identifying promising credentialing approaches, and assessing what is needed to create a clear and compelling credentials marketplace. Making a Market for Competency-Based Credentials compiles what we and the many leaders who informed this narrative have learned to date.

Download the full report, Making a Market for Competency-Based Credentials or the executive summary.

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