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Sherri builds the organization’s capacity to collect, analyze, report on and make decisions with and about financial data. She drives the organization’s budget process, assesses progress against the budget, and informs the Board with key financial information. Sherri ensures that proposal and project budgets are sound and managed to maintain profitability.

Sherri joined CSW in 1999 as the Business Manager when the organization consisted of five employees. She has twice guided the company through a change in financial software, necessitating the development of new systems and reports, as well as training for employees.

As CSW grew, more people were required to satisfy the accounting needs. Sherri assumed the title of Director of Finance in 2006 and now supervises two associates. In addition, Sherri works with remote staff members and the IT Department to help ensure that reasonable expenditures are made to make use of new technology.

Sherri has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University, with a major in accounting.

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