We partner with local employers, nonprofit, workforce, and education leaders and promote collaborative solutions so that all residents have access to economic opportunities and have a chance to build a sustainable livelihood.

We do this through supporting the convening of community based alliances and partnerships for jobs and skills, advising funders and key agencies interested in community reinvention, and through use of data to drive collective impact.

  • Community Alliances for Jobs and Skills. We support the development of conveners to engage stakeholders, link and leverage programs and services to develop skills, career paths and sustainable livelihoods for all local residents.
  • Community Workforce Strategy Reinvention. We help major local employers and public agencies reimagine and implement innovative strategies to engage the local workforce and to develop a competitive workforce and talent pipeline in their stakeholders’ communities.
  • Community Investment Strategies. We provide research and expertise to support funder and agency efforts to facilitate policy alignment and accelerate systems change in communities where they make major investments and have an interest in long-term community sustainability.
  • Data Driven Sustainable Communities. We help establish metrics, frameworks for data sharing, and the capacity to use data and evaluation to ensure shared community outcomes related to jobs and skills for all in the community are met. Example: Workforce Benchmarking Network