We help colleges institute policies and practices that increase credential attainment and good employment options for their students. Our strategies help colleges strengthen access to, persistence toward, and attainment of market relevant credentials that better ensure graduates obtain good jobs. Our work includes:

Helping colleges adopt needed institutional changes and delivery innovations to tailor postsecondary education and training to students’ unique work and learning needs by:

  • Redefining workforce connectivity and readiness as central to colleges’ mission, and helping to integrate the workforce mission as a key driver of institutional policies and practices.
  • Researching, evaluating and advocating for curricular and/or delivery innovations that better accommodate students’ work and learning needs.
  • Identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to strengthen student supports, especially holistic career navigation, and developing broader community partnerships to better ensure student persistence and job attainment.

Facilitating robust employer engagement that strengthens colleges’ connection to the labor market, thus creating tight alignment between institutional goals and practices and the needs of employers by:

  • Creating deep, systemic partnerships among colleges and employers through long-term capacity building and leadership engagement.
  • Ensuring curricula lead to relevant skills and credentials valued in the labor market through the widespread use of quality competency-based credentials.
  • Developing and integrating the labor market intelligence and job development capacities of colleges into their broader organizational infrastructure and policy.