Our Mission

CSW catalyzes nationwide transformative change in education, economic, and workforce development through research and action. See our 2013 Annual Report for more information.

Our Vision

CSW is dedicated to reimagining work and learning as a means to increasing economic opportunity and sustainable prosperity for vulnerable people, companies, and communities.

Our Core Values

Trust & Integrity: We value our role as a trusted partner and meeting people where they are and with respect. We demonstrate this by communicating our intentions clearly, working with the highest professional ethical standards, and believing in transparency and accountability.

Diversity & Collaboration: We value diversity, connectedness, and collaborative relationships. Collaboration is at the heart of how we approach all of our work and our commitment to helping people work together to build trust, foster new ideas, and maximize collective assets.

Innovation & Transformation: As leading edge thinkers, we value curiosity, creativity, and intellectual courage. We challenge assumptions and raise difficult questions to actively promote innovation and transformational shifts in organizations, systems, and culture.

Learning & Well Being: We believe that meaningful work and lifelong learning are critical to personal and community well-being. We work toward building healthy, well-balanced and thriving organizations that help individuals be meaningfully engaged in their home, work, and community lives.

Equity & Opportunity: We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to dream, achieve, and contribute. We are deeply committed to creating pathways to prosperity for everyone, including the most vulnerable.

Sustainability & Prosperity:We believe that sustainability is critical to increasing economic opportunity and prosperity. We are committed to helping others embrace sustainable economic, social, and environmental vitality as the foundation for a thriving future.